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Forsaken Relics

Sombre Arcane - Realmsong Cassette Tape

Sombre Arcane - Realmsong Cassette Tape

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Released by Forsaken Relics. Incl. download code.



Adventurous electronic music from the prolific duo of dungeon synth veterans hailing from New England. Passionately influenced by 1980s fantasy lore and utilising a labyrinthine combination of musical approaches, 'Realmsong' is an enticing and unpredictable tour de force through orchestral arrangements, folky ballads, dramatic buildups and brooding electronic atmospheres.

Sombre Arcane have made a name for themselves as a frequent and compelling live act. While the members have been around in the dungeons for a while, the duo's first demo was made public in 2018, and the debut full length was finally unveiled in 2021 followed by a physical big box edition released by Lamp & Dagger. This standard tape edition is limited to 100 copies was made available last month at the Dark Dungeon Festival in Belgium, where Sombre Arcane also performed live. Original cover painting made by Brendan Elliot.
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