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Forsaken Relics

Malfet - Alban Arthan Cassette Tape

Malfet - Alban Arthan Cassette Tape

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Released by Forsaken Relics. Incl. download code.



One of three recent Malfet tape releases - a key project of the contemporary dungeon synth scene. Situated in California with personal ancestry tracing back to the British isles, the artist draws on old English legends to create intricately alluring and melody-driven idyllic soundscapes. The three tapes, sometimes referred to as 'the pastoral trilogy' covers the full output of the first three years of the project.
'Alban Arthan' is the third part and originally released in Autumn 2020. It features dramatic melancholy compositions in an immersive production with plenty natural field recordings and more rhythmic progression than before. This new tape edition is limited to 100 copies and features original art by the artist, and a layout made in collaboration with Lord Tetrarch of Dungeons Deep Records to visually align these new tapes with other Malfet editions previously released on that label.

The Snaking Path:

The Way To Avalon:

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