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Forsaken Relics

Landsraad - Fate; The Inevitability Thereof MiniDisc

Landsraad - Fate; The Inevitability Thereof MiniDisc

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Pro-MiniDisc with UV-printed surface, track data and fold-out inlay limited to 20 copies released by Forsaken Relics. Includes printed download code for Bandcamp.

FRMC007 / VM100, 2024

Majestic Berlin school synthesizer music steeped in Dune lore from beginning to end. Archaic sequencer loops intermingle with grandiose sweeps and tender melodies to evoke transcendent visions of a mysterious future far beyond present day trajectories.

Aligning with the kosmische musik tradition in dungeon synth, the Landsraad project is already a recognised name by many star gazing dungeon lurkers. Behind it is Mentat O., who is also behind Orcus and several other dungeon synth projects as well as proprietor of the Vicious Mockery label.

'Fate; The Inevitability Thereof' is released on two formats: Pro-tape limited t0 100 copies co-released with Vicious Mockery Records and Pro-MinDisc limited to 20 copies.

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