Shipping Info

Forsaken Relics ships globally at a flat shipping cost using unregistered shipping by the Danish postal service. It’s not fast, but reliable and fairly cheap regardless of shipping destination. Due to the nature of unregistered shipping, there will be no compensation for lost or damaged shipments, but the vast majority of them arrive safely.

Registered insured shipping is as of Sept 23rd being offered to the following destinations:
Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, France*, Italy*, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg.

*)this destination requires a small extra cost for the postage upgrade.

If your delivery address isn’t in any of these countries, and you want to upgrade to registered insured shipping, get in touch prior to placing an order, and be prepared for a large extra cost.

Weight guide

Shipping rates are solely based on weight. Since not all releases of a particular format weigh the same, it is impossible to guarantee a format-based postage price, but here are the tiers and some examples based on the common weight:

Under 100g: 5.50 €
1 tape
1 basic digipack CD

Under 250g: 9.50 €
2-3 tapes
1-2 tapes and a 1 CD

Under 2kg: 13.00€
4-28 tapes
1-6 vinyl LPs
A few LPs and numerous tapes and CDs

Gondolin Records Preorder Customers – Partial/Free shipping

If you have a pending preorder (ie prior to the shipping email notification) from Gondolin Records, your postage on the Forgotten Relics order will be partially refunded. Simply place the order with the same delivery address as the Gondolin preorder, and the excess shipping will be manually refunded within 1-2 days.

If you preordered 3 or more tapes from Gondolin Records, you are eligible for FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.